Visual Artist

Nardstar has a tranquil presence, a deep rooted connection to her origin and clear perspective on the journey of her art. Currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, her reputation crosses borders with international recognition as a key player in modern street art culture.
The streets were her classroom, her teachers hail from a generation of artists who were predominantly considered vandals, their canvases illegal and their actions undesirable. Her education was gained through experience in a time before street art was acceptable or had infiltrated the mainstream. Her passion and persistence has made art her career, never having to compromise, street art and graffiti have been paying the bills since day one.
An essential element of her work has been to stand out, in her style and the message purveyed through her art. More than a decade later and Nardstar has one of the most distinct and widely appreciated street art styles in the country. Bold lines and bright, carefully considered colourways are signature elements of every piece, while the subject matter tackled knows no bounds – no risk is too daunting, no challenge too large.
Whether street or studio, Nardstar has been encouraged to draw her influences from the outside world and adopt the elements of her style to transform objects, both animate and inanimate, into pieces of a story that will unfold across the expanse of her career. Nardstar exhibits a style that is bold and diverse, focusing on women of colour, local fauna and flora as well as embracing the more traditional style of lettering. She possesses a confidence in her art, from never being discouraged or convinced that she was incapable, regardless of the undeniable lack of representation of women in street art culture.
Nardstar approaches her painted walls with the awareness of the impact it has on the communities who view the art on a daily basis and it sees her endeavouring to invest back into these communities. The curation of her pieces that find homes on walls and buildings which fall upon the gaze of young eyes, are steeped in history and pride of culture and heritage. She also strives to mentor girls and women who want to pursue a career in street art.
Street art has created unimaginable opportunities for Nardstar, who approaches her art every day with the same humble and authentic perspective she has possessed since the beginning. Cracking an invite to the Nike world headquarters to feature her art, had her rubbing shoulders with street art icons from across the globe. While maximizing on her opportunity to both attend and paint at the The Obama Foundation Summit, she shared a piece of South African history with her mural of activists Albertina Sisulu, Fatima Meer and Barbara Hogan. Locally, Nardstar completed a series of murals at Constitution Hill featuring female political prisoners and has collaborated with Woolworths on their ReLOVEolution campaign.
As a representative for South African street art culture, she has worked tirelessly to elevate the reputation of street art to a greater level of appreciation. Constantly pushing the idea that a street artist deserves pride of place on both building walls and in gallery spaces, under bridges and in boardrooms.


CORE (2012)
Trinity International Hip Hop Festival (Connecticut, USA, 2013)
Alpha Longboards Showcase (Germany, 2013)
Adidas Happy Hour Group Show (JHB, 2013)
Urban A Exhibition, Space Between Gallery (2015)
10/10 Group Show, Space Between Gallery (2015)
Welcome to my Garden, Space Between Gallery (2015)
That Art Fair, World Art Gallery (2016)
Turbine Art Fair, Prints on Paper (2017)


Mural Projects

Mirror on the Wall 1 & 2 (Collab. with Falko)
-A cluster of murals painted on a farming settlement in Philippi and at Westridge High School.

The Darling Made Me Do It (Collab. with Falko) – A collaborative mural project that involved painting +/- 50 murals on 27 houses in one road. Artists spent an extensive amount of time living and painting in the rural town of Darling, turning the road into a tourist attraction. This was completed alongside artist, Falko One, sponsored by Adidas, The British Council and Sportscene.

Bushwick Collective (Brooklyn,NYC)
An ongoing large scale mural project in New York City.

Grafikama (FR)
An art residency in Nante, France. Artists had an abandoned building to tranform into an exhibition.


Mbokodo Women In Arts Nomination



Van Loveren Wines (Four Cousins)
V&A Waterfront Food Market
Devolopment Action Group
Atelier PHP Perfumes (GER)
Pick Up Productions (FR)
Les Escales Festival (FR)
Pam Golding Properties
The Obama Foundation (US)
Steve Biko Foundation
Two Oceans Aquarium
Urban Lime Properties
Adidas South Africa
UCT Lung Institute
One & Only Hotel
Universal Studios
Between 10and5
Supreme Being
Fanta Europe
The Big Issue
Dark Horse
Cotton On
TB Proof
Saatchi & Saatchi
New Media
Aria Property Group
Glen 21 Entertainment
Castle Lite SA